Gabriella: "…,because I’ve never been in one place for an entire             summer,and this means a lot to me,especially being here with…”

Troy:Such an outstanding peanut-butter and-jelly-sandwich maker like me?”



17 Again (USA, 2009)

"East High is a place where teachers encouraged us to break the status quo and define ourselves as we choose. Where a jock can cook up a mean crème brulee, and a brainiac can break it down on the dance floor. It’s a place where one person, if it’s the right person, changes us all. East High is having friends we’ll keep for the rest of our lives, and that means we really are all in this together. Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat."

I’ll never try to put on a fake image. I’m just Zac.


On the set of We Are Your Friends, Auguest 19.